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How To Write A Sales Letter

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How To Make ALL Your
Sales Letters More Profitable

Sales letters are far and away the most powerful tool for selling any product or service. Most businesses don't use them... and... the businesses that DO use them only gain a fraction of the benefit.

In this article you're going to learn about a process called Multi-Step marketing. It's extremely powerful, and it can help you get up to a 15-20% (and sometimes more!) response rate from your sales letters. The industry average is 1-2%.

Business owners that use sales letters usually only send one letter. So if a prospect enquires about their product or service... one letter is sent out... with no continued follow up.

If the sales letter of a specific product or service traditionally yields a response rate of 1% (which is the norm), of the 99% who do not respond... 5-10% (maybe more) will be thinking about purchasing... but have decided not to take immediate action.

After your initial contact, you should send out a follow up letter with the headline...

"Second Notice."

The letter should say...

"About two weeks ago we sent you a letter about (name of product). For some reason you decided not to respond. Well, I'm writing to you today to extend the offer once again..."

You go into the benefits - you restate the guarantee and you talk about the offer. Now, if the copy is written well, you will persuade a percentage of those 5-10% to send you money.

Surprisingly enough, often the response rate on the second letter is ...

Higher than the first because people have had time to think about it!

After the second letter, you should send a third... which builds up on the message thus far. It merely extends the offer one more time... and has the headline...

"Third and Final Notice."

Once again the letter restates the offer, extends the guarantee and talks about the benefits.

Imagine if you will, the prospect has just arrived home from work... he's tired and opens the letter (standing over the rubbish bin I might add... ready and willing to throw away ANYTHING that doesn't grab his attention!).

He opens your envelope, reads the headline, turns to the P.S and does one of two things:

1. Throws it away
2. Stops and pauses.

If he stops and pauses, you've now got a maximum of 3 seconds to get him into your sales letter. If he's still holding it after 3 seconds he'll be saying to himself...

"This look interesting. I should sit down and read this... BUT... before I do... little Timmy needs a bath. I'll read it later."

The sales letter is placed on the kitchen bench and mentally filed away. Then, his wife arrives home and places a newspaper on the bench... on top of the sales letter.

Next morning, she's tidying up the kitchen... and mistakenly... picks up the sales letter and throws it into the trash along with all the other 'junk mail'. (Now, please take note. If you're only sending one letter... you've just lost an interested prospect.)

The second letter is sent in the mail and prompts the prospect of the first contact. The headline says...

"Second Notice"

He thinks "What's this second notice about? Oh yeah, I forgot. This is about that (name of product). I'd better sit down and read this." Then, he gets disturbed... and...

Well... you know the rest.

Finally, a third letter goes out, with the headline...

"Third and Final Notice"

It's D-day. He says to his wife...

"Darling, remember that (name of product) I mentioned a few weeks ago. They've sent me a third and final offer. I really should do it you know... I think it would help us. What do you think? It's pretty expensive, but I've heard about it before and I think it's a good idea."

Multi-step sequencing is a practice that almost no business employs... yet... it is so profitable when done correctly.

If after reading this, you're not convinced of the virtues of multi-step sequencing... please just test it. That's all I ask. Let the figures speak for themselves. If they don't pan out, you can always choose to go back to single shot sales letters.

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