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How To Write A Good Advertisement

There are many misconceptions about what constitutes a good advertisement and what does not. When I tell people that I write ads for businesses, they immediately assume that I'm 'creative'. Inevitably they ask "how do I think of new ideas all the time?"

What I do is NOT creative. I use reliable and proven sales triggers within my copy - triggers that make people pull out their wallets and spend money.

Writing profitable direct response ads does not require creativity. It requires a system. It requires empathy. And it requires discipline to craft a message that makes people buy.
A good print advertisement:

- Is NOT an outlet for creative design, humour, entertainment... or... to win awards.

- They sell benefits... not features! What's the difference? A feature is something a product or service does. It's a technical fact. A benefit is something the product or service does for the prospect. It's the end result, gain or advantage realized.

- They acquire attention and invite readership. The key here is not to be outrageous but to address the strongest interests and concerns of your target audience. Example: "How To Lose 15kgs In 12 Weeks Or Less!" appeals to the reader's desire to lose weight, feel fit and look trim and healthy.

- They provide meaningful information. The yellow pages headline "Warning: Don't Call Any Chiropractor Until Your Read This Message!" lures the reader because it promises useful information. Or how about the headline "The 8 Biggest Mistakes Back Pain Sufferers Make When Choosing A Chiropractor!" Advertisements that provide information the prospect wants to know about gets higher responses.

- They educate fascinate and even titillate.

- They extend value packed offer - irresistible offers others cannot resist.

- They integrate urgency and time limited offers that compel prospects to make a decision NOW

- They ask for a response. Good advertising tells people to order.

- They take away the risk with money back guarantees... better than risk free guarantees... and even... double your money back guarantees!

- The advertisements are easy to read and NOT the end results of a graphic designers creative frustrations. For the most part, you need to keep designers under control because they can actually hurt the sales effectiveness of your message. You want your ads to look simple and easy to read.

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