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BRW Young Rich List Member
"Alexi is a brilliant advertising copywriter. For the past year, he has written the sales letters for all our seminars with outstanding success. I recommend him to anybody who wishes to increase their advertising response rates."
Suzi Dafnis
Pow Wow Events P/L

$70,128 in a few weeks
"One campaign Alexi worked on for me brought in over $70,128 in a few short weeks. If you want to turbo charge your sales and marketing, get him working on your business!"
Blair Singer
Bestselling Author

Best Selling Author
"As a best selling author having conducted over 100 media interviews and teaching literally thousands of people how to make money in business, I am grateful to say I meet the best of the best in marketing and advertising. And I have to say Alexi is right up there amongst the top of the list."
Brendan Nichols
Bestselling Author

Business Doubled In 5 Months
"From one ad Alexi wrote, my business has doubled within 5 months. What a relief not to struggle with whom to pay or not to pay. My business suppliers now get paid early, and my personal spending has reduced. We our now saving and investing in our business. I am rapt! My wife is thrilled at our financial position, and I feel relieved at the enormity of stress from being in business after nineteen years, an ad can do so much. I highly recommend Alexi's services."
Dr Steven W Griffith
Redcliffe Chiropractic Centre

From The Greatest Direct Response Copywriter Who Ever Lived
"One more thing, I received an excellent analysis of the water ad by a guy named Alexi. I don't know his last name but I want to acknowledge I used a lot of what he had written in his explanation of why this ad worked. And I used a lot of it word-for-word. I don't know who this guy is but, he's a plenty sharp guy."
Gary Halbert

CEO Of a $100 Million Business
"Alexi is one of the best copywriters I've ever read. Certainly the BEST in Australia by far. Alexi is one of few writers I'd attach big advertising dollars to. If for some insane reason his ad does not work for you- it's not Alexi's fault... the fault is YOUR PRODUCT!"
Vince James
Discover the hidden techniques of how I built a $100 Million empire in 23 months!

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"Why I Personally Believe Copywriting Is The Quickest and Easiest Way To Multiply Your Profits... Accelerate Your Cash flow... And Bring In More Customers Than Ever Before"

Do all your ads get the results you're really after? Are they as profitable as you'd like them to be? Even if your ads and sales letters are doing all right - wouldn't you like to increase your results by as much as ten times?

If you want to improve your sales and profits exponentially, the secret to doing it is...

Create More Powerful Advertising!

It's plain and simple. Look, I don't care how great your product is, how attractive your art work may be or how unique any other component of your advertising might be.

The bottom line is this: If you don't do an exceptional job motivating your prospects to take immediate action... if you bore them for one second... if you confuse them... or don't do the strongest job 'closing' them once you get their attention...

You're Cheating Yourself Out Of Bunches of Profits!

I'm sure you know from experience that this is absolutely true. Haven't you run an ad or mailed a sales letter you were sure would work like crazy - only to have it fail dismally? I know painful outcome is all too familiar. Most business owners have been through this.

From my experience working with some of the leading business owners in Australia (folks who own deca-million dollar companies) great advertising is central to their entire business operations.

They ALL have great sales copy on their websites... in their sales letters... brochures... flyers... radio ads - everywhere!

In my opinion no other skill as prized as writing 'killer' advertisements.

But, I'm NOT speaking about the image or 'brand' type advertising which most business owners are familiar with. I'm speaking about direct response advertising.

What is the difference?

This means advertising and marketing which is accountable... which has to derive a profit to justify its ongoing use.

All your advertising needs to be tracked... monitored and self sufficient. If your ads don't pay for themselves... stop them... right away.

There is no other reason to advertise except for garnering profits. Not to build image... not to keep the name out there.

Look at it this way: If an ad costs you $3000 to run in a publication... and from that ad you make $6000. You can easily improve this return to $10,000, $12,000 even $20,000 (maybe more) just by changing the words in the ad!

Altering nothing else, you can increase your response rates by hundreds of percentage points.

Isn't that phenomenal?

Here's How YOU Can Put An End To Poor Advertising Results - And Start Increasing Your Sales And Profits Right Away!

If you'd like to put an end to the dismal results you've been getting... if you'd like the kind of copy that makes products disappear off the shelves and sells services like crazy... if you'd like to super-charge the performance of every ad, sales letter or marketing piece you create, I've got good news for you.

There are two ways you can make this happen:

1. Subscribe to my FREE videos and articles and I will actually SHOW YOU - FREE - how to do it. I walk you through million dollar sales pieces I have personally written for my own clients. Actually sales copy that has built "mini-empires".

2. You can hire someone like me to DO it for you.

The first option takes more time and education but is the MOST rewarding for you from an empowerment perspective (let's face facts: when you know how to use words to bring riches, you will NEVER again be short a buck. It's just not possible).

The second option is quicker... and can be expensive (especially if you hire someone good). However, if you've got a good product... selling to a market that wants and can afford what you're selling... and YOU have the right marketing attitude required to make a campaign work, this is your best option.

I have multi-million dollar clients who are great ad writers in their own capacity - however they still get me to write their copy for them because I can punch out the copy so much faster... and... there's a very good chance I will come up with an idea or two better than what they were thinking for their sales copy...

... And That One Simple Idea Can Be Worth
Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars To Them!

It makes my fee look kinda irrelevant.

Whichever camp you fall into, I HIGHLY recommend you jump in and put your name and email address in the box below as I am going to give you LOADS of great FREE information, such as...

  • 6 cash generating tips guaranteed to make your prospects take immediate action!
  • The basics of writing good ads!
  • The finer points of writing great ads!
  • Which option pulls best... telephone, mail or fax? You'll never guess the answer which will surprise and enrich you beyond belief!
  • Two "magic words" that can quadruple the response of your ads... overnight!
  • Why competing on price alone will put you out of business in a heartbeat... and how to persuade your customers to happily buy what you're selling... even if you're more expensive!
  • How to make a 15-second change to almost any sales message which sometimes increases responses by 2,200%!
  • How to make your Yellow Pages ad as much as 750% more profitable!
  • The most important component of an ad... and... how to make a slight change to increase your results up to 500%!
  • How to start your ads to get your prospect's attention, and the insider secrets to keep them glued to YOUR ad any time of the day!
  • The secret technique that instantly double the profit of your full-page ads!
  • How to get orders from people who have already decided not to order!
  • The real reasons why people don't buy from you... and what you can do about it!
  • How to turn refunds and complaints into sales!
  • How to totally eliminate all doubt and scepticism from the mind of your prospects!
  • 3 insider secrets to making your prospects get off their butts... whip out their wallets... and give you their money NOW!
  • How to ferret out the real reason why people buy from your competition... and not you!
  • How to write cash generating ads... even if you failed English in high school!
  • The 10 biggest advertising mistakes you can make and why they're costing you money!
  • Why are always one good sales letter away from having all the money you need!

... and so much more!

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